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Kittens Request Form

As of 2/1/21 Kittens are $1600.

This applies to Kitten Requests submitted  2/1/21 and after as well as Kitten Requests prior to 2/1/21 with no deposit postmarked by 2/28/21. 

If you have chosen a kitten, a 1/2 down $800 deposit will hold the kitten. If no kittens are available at the time, a non refundable $100 deposit will hold your position to choose a kitten once they are born. ie. 1st deposit, 1st choice. You are not on the waiting list until you have placed a $100 deposit. Since there are so many scams for kittens and puppies, I have you mail a physical check to a physical address. (on my "Contact" page)

To place a deposit: send a check for the $100 deposit payable to Willow Springs or Nancy Brown Burch or Nancy Burch                                   mailed to:   395 Eagle Mill Rd., Butler, PA 16001. 

 **Any balance due at the time of pick up/delivery of your kitten may be paid with cash, Venmo, Zelle or credit card. Please note that a fee of 4% will be added to credit card payments.

If you decide not to get a kitten, any deposit you have placed for a kitten, less the non-refundable $100, will be refunded.

I can meet 1/2 way or if necessary I will drive the entire way. I ask .45 per mile round trip (with increasing gas prices, this cost per mile will need to be higher. We can discuss it if meeting is necessary.)  to off set my gas, tolls and travel expenses.

For those customers who are too far to drive, I will either fly with your kitten to your airport or you may fly into Pittsburgh International Airport and I can meet you there with your kitten. Most airlines have very reasonable carry on costs for your pet.

To purchase an available kitten or cat or to reserve a kitten or cat who is not ready to go home yet, fill out the registration form below. This allows me to get to know a little about you and it helps me to advise you towards the best kitten or cat for your home.

Our cattery is tested FeLV and FIV negative. Our Adults are screened for HCM by a Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist.

We only give our kittens Heska UltraNasal vaccines, and if necessary, for leukemia & rabies vaccine, we use a recumbant vaccine, Merial PureVax Recombinant Leukemia vaccine and PureVax Feline Rabies, as there is no adjuvant (which can cause cancer in cats).

Many people will say that the cancer does not occur at a very high rate. Unfortunately it killed one of my customers kitten, she was only 4 years old (that is more chance than I am willing to take). Kittens are wormed from 2wks. of age, every 3-4wks. until they go to their new home.

Kittens receive their FVRCP vaccine at 12wks and 1 day. Kittens may leave as soon as they are solid with their vaccine (usually 1wk.). If a kitten is not confident and ready at that age they will stay a little longer. Stress can make a kitten more susceptible to illness. No FVRCP booster is needed as this is a modified live virus.

Kittens are eating solid food by a young age. They gain emotional stability staying with mom until an older age. Studies have also shown kittens weaned and removed from their mother at an early age have more health issues and a shorter life span.

Our kittens and cats are guaranteed to be healthy and free from disease and parasites when they leave our home.

Our Siberian Cats and Kittens are to be INSIDE cats only. We have a NO DECLAW policy for all our cats and kittens. Declawing is extremely painful. It involves removing bones from their feet, and healing requires several weeks to months. In many cases a cats feet will remain sore for life. Cats need their claws for daily grooming and for proper exercise of muscles by stretching and scratching.

Claws help a cat jump and retain their balance. Trimming a kitten’s claws is simple. We trim the babies’ claws on a regular basis and they soon learn to accept this procedure as routine. They have grown up with various scratching posts and climbing toys and have been taught to use them instead of our furniture. You will have to show them what you expect in your home. These cats are smart and want to please their owners.

Please register to request an available kitten or cat or to be placed on our waiting list for an up and coming litter by filling out the Kitten / Cat Request Form.  4/15/2022***It is approx. 4-6 mos. from the post mark of your deposit, before you would be able to get your kitten. So please only fill out a request and contact me if you are prepared to wait for an available kitten.  (You must place a $100 deposit to be on the waiting list.)    Thank you.   **PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME TO ASK IF I HAVE ANY KITTENS AVAILABLE.  ALL KITTENS GO TO FAMILIES ON THE WAIT LIST.We receive alot of requests every month and may not be able to get back to you right away. IMPORTANT**I found out that i have only received about 30% of the request forms submitted in July and August. I am working with the Website co. to find the issue. SO... In addition to your request form, you may also text me at #724-496-2636 but be sure to include the 1st and last name you used for your request form.  And thank you for patiently waiting for a reply.  Things are pretty crazy right now.  :/                THANK YOU!   :)


Our cattery is registered with TICA & CFA & TAIGA. Pet buyers will receive the TICA registration papers for their kittens when proof of spay or neuter has been provided.

Our kittens and cats are sold with a written purchase contract (as shown below. NOTE: The non-refundable deposit is $100 (not $50). The price of a Siberian kitten is $1600 (requests as of 2/1/21).

Willow Springs Contract

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Kitten Starter Kit

Kitten Starter Kit

Our kittens and cats are sold with a complete health guarantee as shown below as well as a carry crate and a kitten starter kit. It includes most everything you need to get started such as: starter food, food dishes, toys, laser light, health records, etc. (exact items vary according to availability.)