Falinas 7 Kittens Born 7/20/18

(These kittens are reserved by people who have placed a deposit to be on the waiting list.)

I included pictures of Falina cuz her daughter looks so much like her.



Falinas Torti Girl with a Face Stripe



RESERVED for Allison M.

Falinas Torti Girl with Red Nose



RESERVED for April K. 

Falinas Mack Tabby Girl with White and white nose snip



RESERVED for Barbara C.

Falinas Solid Black Girl



Falinas Mack Tabby Boy with White


Darker Red Boy and Lighter Red Boy


Falinas Lighter Red Boy



Falinas Darker Red Boy


1st Choice of Red Boys RESERVED by Stephanie S.

(I have 2 red Mack Boys but I deleted some of the pictures.

The 2 boys look so much alike. I will take new pictures and post them here. )



Phoebes 5 kittens Born 8/8/18



RESERVED  for Sarah L.

Phoebes Torti Girl with Red Dot


RESERVED for Jennifer P.
Phoebes Red Mack Boy
RESERVED for Rachel A.
Phoebes Red Classic Boy
RESERVED for Yuliya C.
Phoebes Black Silver Mack Boy
RESERVED for Lisa T.Phoebes Black Brown Mack Girl


Phoebes Kittens born 2/11/18

(these kittens are reserved by people who have placed a deposit to be on the waiting list)

golden mack Male    

RESERVED by Madalyn W.      Golden Mack Boy


RESERVED by Valerie H.      Black Girl


RESERVED by Trisha B.   Mack Tabby Big Boy


RESERVED BY Michele B.     Torti Girl


Lily's Kittens Born 2/17/18

(these kittens are reserved by people who have placed a $100 deposit to be on the waiting list)


RESERVED by Jennie F.     Red Mack Tabby Boy 


RESERVED by Sarah L.     White with Black Girl


White with Red Boy


Fainas Kittens born 3/5

(these kittens are reserved by people who have placed a $100 deposit to be on the waiting list)


RESERVED by Jamie M.    Mack Tabby Boy


RESERVED by Caitlin B.    Red Mack Boy


RESERVED by Maria C.     Torbi Brown Nose GIrl


RESERVED by Rebecca D.   Mack Tabby Girl


RESERVED by Kristen I.   Torbi Red Nose Girl


Bunny's Boy "Toby"  has gotten his new home,

but if you are interested in an older kitten,

please visit the older cat/kitten page.

Toby is Neutered, Fully Vetted and Micro-Chipped with a Lifetime Registration.


See Older Available Cats and Kittens

Sold Kittens

Lily's Litter Born 6-25-16 

This litter was reserved and went home the week of 9/22/16

1 Red Mack Tabby with White, 1 Black and White and 2 Solid Black Boys

Two Older Boys (ADOPTED)

I have 2 older boys who really enjoy each other. I hate to separate them if I can help it. I would love to find a home that would love these boys and keep them together. If you have a loving home and would be able to adopt one or both, let me know. :)

I am anxious for them to be in there forever homes where they can get undivided attention.

Black Silver Mack Tabby Girl "Chatter" - $800

I have a beautiful Black Silver Mack Tabby Girl who is so sweet and lovey. She is so lonely now that her brother has been adopted.

Fully Vetted, Spayed, and Micro Chipped with a Lifetime Registration.

Aleksandrya's Kittens Born 7-30-14 - $800

"Munch" Black Smoke and White Boy

Munch is one of the kittens who got caught up in my situation and is now ready to be adopted.

Neutered, Vaccinated and Micro-Chipped with a Lifetime Registration (This saves a great deal of money in vetting)

"Sveta" - Gorgeous 2 Years 10 Months Old Torbie Girl - $550

Looking for a quiet home where she can be queen.

Fully Vetted, Spayed, and MicroChipped with a Lifetime Registration.

This little girl has been bullied by some of the other kitties so she will need an adjustment period. I want my customers to be happy, but my 1st responsibility is to be sure my kittens are adjusting to their new homes.


Sibirskaja Stalina "Stretch" 4 1/2 Years Old

Stretch is so lovey and sweet. She loves to be petted and is such a great companion.

She is Fully Vetted, Registered and Micro Chipped with a Life time Registration.

I love her little black pads. Hard to get any computer work done with her wanting to snuggle all the time.

MIA's "Big Fluffy" aka "Moose" aka "Sampson" Mack Tabby Boy 3 Years Old 4-7-13 - $750

Big Fluffy is so sweet, loves to be held like a baby, comes when he is called and will carry on an endless conversation with you. We are all going to miss him when he is adopted. We fills a huge spot in the household with his enormous personality.

Neutered, Vaccinated and Micro-Chipped with Lifetime Registration

Adorable 6 1/2 Months Old Boys Born 8-10-15 - $750

"Felix" - Harlequin Boy & "Fyodor" Black Boy

So loving and sweet!! Vaccinated, neutered, and micro chipped with lifetime registration.

Lily's Black & White "Cow" Boy "Simon" 1 Years & 6 Months Born 10-8-14 - $750

"Simon" is such a sweet heart and so beautiful. Only reason he is still here is because of my crazy last year...

Neutered, Vaccinated, and Micro-Chipped with a Lifetime Registration

Bunny's Boys Gorgeous, Blue, and Gold Boys 1 1/2 Year Olds Born 7-18-14 - $650

"Kazimir" & "Yaromir

These Kittens are super sweet and loving, like their mom. I am not sure they are as hypo-allergenic for very allergic people. So... If you want the sweetest Siberian Kitten and allergies are not an issue, you are going to ADORE these lovers!!!!

All their vetting is done: Vaccinated, Neutered and Micro-Chipped with Lifetime Registration (this saves you a great deal of expense).


Golden Mack With White Girl "Izabella" 2 1/2 Years Old Born 7-9-13 - $750

Adorable mack tabby girl with white. Izabella, is very lovey but has been caught up in my separation and my move. She will need someone to be a little patient while she gets used to a new home.

She is Spayed, Vaccinated and Micro Chipped with a Lifetime Registration.

2 Adorable 6 Month Old Classic Boys - $800

Black Brown Classic Tabby Boy & Brown Classic Tabby Boy

These boys are so sweet and playful (They got caught up in my life circumstances or they would have already been with their new families).

Both boys are Vaccinated, Neutered and Micro-Chipped with a Lifetime Registration

Bunny's Fluffy Kittens 3 Boys, 1 Girl 6 Months Old Born 7-1-15 - $650

These Kittens are so very sweet and loving, just like their mom. You are going to ADORE these babies!!!!

All their vetting is done: Vaccinated, Spayed/neutered and Micro-Chipped with Lifetime Registration (this saves you a great deal of expense).

Galina aka "Lina" 2 Years Old Smoke and White Girl - $500

Fully vetted, spayed, and micro chipped with a lifetime registration.

Lina is so adorable as you will be able to tell from the pics below. She will do best as the only pet or she will buddy with them. She gets along great with cats and dogs but she need to be alone so she will bond with you. I want her to go to a home not too far from me in case it does not work out... As always, I want you to be happy, but more importantly, I want my kittens to be happy! So I'm sure you see the re-occuring theme of Lina sitting like a person. She is so adorable!!! I did have other pics but apparently lost them when I moved them from one folder to another on my phone. :(

Lily's Kittens

Red Tabby Boy With White, Adorable Colorful Torbie Girl, Black Brown Mack Tabby Boy, Black Brown Tabby Girl

Kiki's Kittens

2 Red Mack Tabby Boys and their little Black Silver Torbie Sister How cute is that?!!!

Kiki's Litter


Even at 1 yr 9 mos. Niko was huge!!! He is a blue mack torbie with great conformation. Niko is happy in his new family!!!

"Dylan" 1 1/2 Year Old Classic Black Brown Tabby

A cuddle bug. Kinda hard to get much done with a big boy draped across your lap. What a lucky family.

Silly Orlenda is a 2 Year Old

This girl is so funny. She loves to play tag. You chase her, then turn and run and she chases you. She just seems to have a lot of funny games she plays. She is a character as you can tell by her video.

People almost always think my cats are declawed because they keep their claws so retracted. However, Orlenda, doesn't seem to have that same natural tendency... so she would probably not do as well with younger more delicate children. She is super sweet , just not as careful with her claws.

Orlenda is Spayed, Vetted and Micro Chipped with a Lifetime Registration

Viktorya's Kitten born 4-27-14 - $900

"Brittany" is Fully Vetted, Rabies and she is already spayed. Black Brown Mack with White Girl. This Girl is so adorable. Very Playful and Super Cuddly, Lap Cat. She looks a little like Grumpy Cat, and just like Grumpy Cat, she is very happy and loving. I do not think she is not going to be very large when she is full grown.

Bunny's Blue Boy Born 10-12-13

This boy is so sweet and is going to be a great family member. Most of my customers say when they meet the kittens in person, "oh the kitten is so much smaller than I thought." I do zoom in for the pics... so they look bigger than they are. Well much to my surprise, he is 8#2oz. at only 6mos. He is obviously going to be big like his daddy.

Just Neutered 4/22/14, fully vetted including rabies.

Lily's Kittens Born 2-7-14

2 Girls and 3 Boys

Tiosche's Classic Girl "Yelena" Born 3-2-13 - $700

Sold May 2014

Super lovey and very friendly!!! She is so sweet, but good luck getting any work done with her around. She will come up to you, flip her head almost upside down to look as cute as possible, until you can't resist any longer. 

She loves attention! Spayed, Fully Vetted, including Rabies and Micro-chipped with a full lifetime registration (Huge expense already paid).

Kiki Kittens 4 Classic Tabby Torbie Girls Born 12-20-13

My youngest daughter surprised us by coming home for the weekend from the Air Force. I did talk her into helping me get pictures
but they are not the greatest. It is difficult because they have not been handled as much as we usually do because of my rediculous
situation. But it is always hard to get pictures when they are running and playing. They do not want to stop for pictures!

Kittens are all reserved at this point. If someone changes to another cat or kitten I will post the available kitten here.

Jessica Y, Jill K,  Marco H, Bethany N

Here are some pics... sorry for the messy floor. I was attempting to take them by myself. Not easy!

Solid Black Boy "Sharik" Born 7-20-13

Sharik is such lovey and super affectionate kitten. He is neutered, fully vetted with rabies and micro-chipped with a Lifetime Registration.

Bunny's Boy "Toby"


This boy is 2 years old and so sweet. I do want him to go to a home without allergies just in case. I am not 100% sure he is as hypo allergenic as my other kitties.

Toby is Neutered, Fully Vetted and Micro-Chipped with a Lifetime Registration.


See Older Available Cats and Kittens